Our Team

Team Gatik is a group of like-minded, diligent and ambitious people, who have taken the initiative to build and develop GATIK ‘The Progressive’, a fully customized humanoid series. Our aim is to raise the bar of Robotics in India and we also plan to participate in some of the most prestigious robotics competitions all over the globe. Currently, in addition to research, we offer workshops of various degrees of expertise, including one to teach students the basics of humanoid robotics.

Mr. Gautam Narang

(Founder and Team Leader)

His primary research interests pertain to Humanoid Robotics. He is fascinated by Robots and love being around them, and has worked on some of the most advanced humanoids in the world, which include WABIAN 2R (WAsedaBIpedalhumANoid) and KOBIAN (which emotionally behaves like a human based on “Equations of Emotions”).

Being a robot maniac, he has taken up research work in other fields of Robotics as well. He has done research at Carnegie Mellon University, USA, and is also a part of the project ‘Wear-A-Ban’, a project collectively undertaken by the European Union to develop an efficient and less expensive method for the rehabilitation of stroke victims suffering from partial paralysis. He is also the youngest person to complete a research program with Robotis Co. Ltd. in Seoul, South Korea. He has also worked on the full sized humanoids at the Humanoid Robotics Institute, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

Contact : gautam@teamgatik.com

Mr. Arjun Narang


He was the first to envision Gatik and is the main force driving behind Gatik’s development. He is an expert in programming and software development. Previously, he did research at CCNY, New York, where he worked on robotics SLAM. He is currently a visiting scientist at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

Contact : arjun@teamgatik.com

Ms. Soumya Singh

(Founder member and Marketing & Publicity head)

She manages both technical and non-technical aspects of our team. Despite having a fair share of technical expertise and a special knack for Robotics, management and finance remains her main field of interest.

Contact : soumya@teamgatik.com